Enter the world of Jose Luis Cuevas

Tucked away a short distance off the Zocalo in the historical center of Mexico City is the street Academia which houses one of Mexico City's many hidden gems. In a converted section of the Convent of Santa Inés lies the Jose Luis Cuevas museum. In what used to be the covenant's residential hall, the museum now displays many of Jose Luis Cuevas's original works, lithographs and etchings, as well as paintings by other artists commemorating the life of Cuevas. The artists who contributed works include David Alfaro Siqueiros, Roberto Montenegro and Arturo Rivera.

We had the privilege of visiting the museum during our short stay in Mexico City. For an artist who fell a bit out of the mainstream compared to some of his muralista peers, you felt a true sense of the impact of his work when walking the halls of the museum. The flow of the museum is structured in a very intuitive fashion as you walk through the different subjects and periods of the artists life.

I can't leave out the first impression when you walk in the doors and see the sculpture "La Giganta" which stands over 25 ft tall. Wow! I highly recommend a visit.


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